Hallertau US Car and Harley exhibition, 2013

A man’s world: lots of chrome, dust, wide tires, exhaust fumes and the booming sound of hundreds of horse powers – that’s what the Hallertau US car and Harley exhibition is all about.¬†You gotta love it! A lucky combination of famous historical muscle cars, perfect sunny weather and wide angle lenses lead to the creation of this gallery. Well, and some obligatory tone mapping claptrap from the effects box…

I am pretty clueless when it comes to identify all the old Buicks, Corvettes, Fords, Chrysler Dodge and Chevroletes. Honestly, I cannot even tell them apart without reading the badge. But when it comes to photography, those beautiful vehicles offer pretty impressive still motives. They are always suitable for a big range of different post-processing techniques to play with.

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